Sasquatch Pest Control: Defending Against Stink Bugs!

Stink bugs, particularly the invasive brown marmorated species, have been making their presence known in western Washington counties like King, Pierce, and Thurston and Whatcom. Originating from Asian regions, these pungent pests have found their way into our homes and gardens, leaving a stinky trail in their wake.

What’s in a Name? Stink bugs earned their moniker for a reason. When threatened, they release a foul-smelling fluid through their scent glands, deterring predators and leaving an unpleasant odor behind. Squashing them isn’t ideal either, as it can spread the stench to nearby surfaces.

What Draws Them In? Stink bugs are attracted to light, so it’s wise to keep outdoor lighting to a minimum at night. They also have a penchant for ripe fruit, vegetable gardens, and native Washington state flora. Additionally, their pheromones can attract more stink bugs into your home once they’ve infiltrated.

Damage Control These pesky bugs don’t just annoy—they can wreak havoc on fruit-bearing crops, vegetables, and native vegetation. Protecting your garden and landscape is crucial to minimizing their impact.

Prevention and Elimination To keep stink bugs at bay, start by repairing any damaged screens, windows, or doors to seal off entry points. Limit outdoor lighting, check items brought into your home, and maintain your yard to reduce attractive habitats. And if you spot stink bugs indoors, opt for gentle removal methods like sweeping them into soapy water.

Professional Help While DIY measures can help, professional stink bug control offers a more comprehensive solution for infestations. At Sasquatch Pest Control, we’re equipped to tackle stink bug problems head-on, providing effective and environmentally-friendly pest control services to safeguard your home and garden.

Don’t let stink bugs take over—contact Sasquatch Pest Control today for expert assistance in defending your property against these odorous intruders!